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The thing that seeps

A crab in soy marinade

lies low on her belly, half-submerged.

As sauce streams sobbing sopping

down her back,

she twitches as she tries to

clutch the eggs in her womb tighter

and sinks lower,

lower towards the bottom, where 

she will have cowered,

will have tumbled, and while tumbling,

realized nothing can be done.

What seeps into the flesh—

the dusk of a moment—

the crab will have slowly accepted it all.

Before her shell aches

she will have calmly told her eggs,


It’s night.

Lights out, time for bed.

Korean Vr.

스며드는 것


꽃게가 간장 속에

반쯤 몸을 담그고 엎드려 있다

등판에 간장이 울컥울컥 쏟아질 때

꽃게는 뱃속의 알을 껴안으려고

꿈틀거리다가 더 낮게

더 바닥 쪽으로 웅크렸으리라

버둥거렸으리라 버둥거리다가

어찌할 수 없어서

살 속으로 스며드는 것을

한때의 어스름을

꽃게는 천천히 받아들였으리라

껍질이 먹먹해지기 전에

가만히 알들에게 말했으리라



불 끄고 잘 시간이야

Translated by Ainee Jeong

안도현 | 1961년에 태어나 1981년에 데뷔한 시인이자 동화 작가. 1996년 시와 시학 젊은 시인상, 1998년 소월 시 문학상, 2000년 원광문학상, 2002년 노작문학상 등을 수상했다. 「너에게 묻는다」와 「우리가 눈발이라면」 등의 작품으로 대중에게 잘 알려져 있다. 어른을 위한 동화 『연어』의 저자이기도 하다. 서울대저널과의 인터뷰에서 자신의 시의 장점은 읽기 쉽고 편하다는 것이라고 말했다.


Ahn Do-hyun is a poet and children's story writer who was born in 1961 and debuted in 1981. He received the 1996 Poetry and Poetics Award for New Poet, the 1998 Sowol Poetry Prize, the 2000 Wonkwang Literary Prize, and the 2002 Nojak Literary Prize. He is well known to the public for works such as 「Asking You」 and 「If We Were Snowflakes」. He is also the author of “Salmon,” which is a fairy tale for adults. In an interview with the Seoul National University Journal, he said that the strength of his poetry is that it is easy to read and comfortable.

This poem was originally published in Desperately Naïve 간절하게 참 철없이 (2008), Changbi Publishers, Inc.  

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