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We are not open to submissions at this time. 

Korean poetry - The Hanok Review

Submission Guidelines

General Guidelines

​- Please view our FAQ page before submitting. We mainly strive to publish poems by Korean contributors. However, we are open to works that simply pertain to Korea.

- Send all works to thehanokreview[at]gmail[dot]com with the following subject line [GENRE_full name]


Ex) POETRY_Jane Doe

- Preferred format: 12-point font, EB Garamond, pdf or docx

- Please include a brief third-person bio and cover letter to accompany your piece(s). Please indicate whether you are ethnically Korean or not.

- Submissions that are written in Korean or incorporate Korean terminology are always welcome. 

- We accept simultaneous submissions. However, if your poems are accepted elsewhere, please send an immediate follow-up response to your submission on the same email thread.

- We do not accept previously published pieces. 

- We will immediately reject work that contains unduly graphic descriptions and/or phobic implications towards any particular group of individuals. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards any sort of prejudice.

- We ask that you include a trigger warning for any piece(s) that contains sensitive content (e.g. suicide, sexual assault, etc).


- Send up to 6 poems at once.

- You may send up to 2 entries per issue.

- We accept translations, as long as they have been granted permission by the publisher or respective owner.

- We offer translation services for poetry submissions written entirely in Korean. Please click here for more information.


- We do not accept interviews that have already been conducted. Instead, we view interviews as a collaborative project between the contributor and The Hanok Review. Please send an interview proposal stating the interviewee and their work, alongside a few sample interview questions. 

- We expect you to have reached out to the interviewee beforehand.

- You may only send 1 proposal per issue.

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